Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I Love Turquoise

I Love Turquoise

A great colour for summer, Turquoise is a favourite. It's bright and colourful, and makes a statement. This maxi dress by Michael Kors is beautiful, and has been teamed up with a Turquoise Nugget and Sterling Silver necklace, which is the ideal accessory for a V shaped neck.

Can't wait to try the Roberto Cavalli perfume. It might have to be my holiday one as I always buy a new one at the airport departures duty free and wear it for the fortnight. That way, when I smell it again, I'm transported back to the wonderful time we had! Does anyone else do this?

Another one of my favourites is Moroccan Oil. I use tons of it on my curly hair as it works wonders, giving a natural looking shine and smells devine. Friends have recommended other brands but I haven't managed to pluck up the courage to try them yet in case I'm disappointed.

Julie x

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